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Lost Pets

Sam and Sam buy themselves a dog, dear little Remus. They have trouble training him and he is always off here and there. They engrave their UB Reg on his collar “Now wherever we are and wherever we move to,  we know Rufus will be labelled to come back to us”

So most people put a phone number on their dog tag but using a UB Reg the details can include telephone number,  address and so on and it can be updated when Sam and Sam move house.   Even more importantly when Rufus is lost the details can be amended to say where he was last seen and give notice of a reward being offered.

“Now Sam you are always loosing things,  especially your keys”

“Well I don’t want to put our address on our house keys!” says Sam.

“Tell you what we’ll put a new UBReg on that – how about home@@samskeys with our email and a $10 reward as the details?”…and so they did!

And they labelled the same way Sam’s chainsaw and Sam’s laptop – she worked for a government department so it was important not to lead anyone finding it to connect her to the MoD through ordinary contact details on it.

Recovering Sam’s laptop is very important but highlighting its significance is to be avoided.   Offering a respectable reward via the UB Reg labelled on it is a great way to enhance the chances of its recovery safe and sound.

Soon, you’ll be able to generate a unique QR code linking directly to your Beacon details.

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