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Keeping track of your possessions

The story continues…Sam and Sam are keen cyclists and for their wedding presents from their parents they received an amazing touring bike each.

Each bike is labelled with a security label:

Sam’s bike: whizz@@samandsam

Samantha’s bike: zip@@samansdsam

Their first trip is to Armentiers. They arrive pretty exhausted and sleep the sleep of the truly flaked.

They come down for breakfast to be greeted by the local gendarme. On the outskirts of the city in the early hours a local petty thief was seen riding a new and expensive bike. Naturally the gendarmes pulled him over. He said it was his but could not explain the label. The police knew the @@ and looked it up to know it did not belong to him but to Sam (Whizz). The bike was returned unharmed.

The great thing about a UBReg is that once labelled onto the bike you have no need to change the label on the bike when you move house – you just change the contact details on our website.

In addition our unique @@ tells people it is a UBReg so they can look up on our site what information is associated with that UBReg (from anywhere in the world) to see where the owner is to be found or whether there is a reward offered – even where the owners have pitched their tent last night in the desert and hope for the bike to find them!

Our labelling works anywhere!!

When they move from their London flat out to Enfield they do not need to change the labels on their bikes but simple change the entry on our website for their contact details. So the mobile and email address may stay the same but they can change their address should they wish or just leave that part blank.

Later they buy new bikes selling their old bikes. The new labels for the new bikes have the same original UBReg details. The new owners of the old bikes add their own UBReg labels and each bike develops a history – like the Great bed of Ware.

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