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Imagine a older person in an upstairs flat one dark and wet night with the rain simply tipping down – and they need an ambulance.

Now imagine the poor ambulance crew trying to find the right house…

But that is not all.  The older person may be able to get to the ‘phone but not the front door to let the drivers in and in some blocks of flats the right lift to the right floor is a challenge.

UB Reg can sweep all these issues away with the older person being able to tell the ambulance service to use help@@george …. and look what a vista that opens up:

  • A precise location for the property – no wandering down the street trying to see house names in the dark.
  • Which lift to take in a block of flats.
  • The place for the keysafe and code so the ambulance crew can access the older person’s property.
  • Details of neighbours willing to help (e.g. to feed the cat whilst the older person is hospitalised)
  • Details of next of kin
  • Details of applicable health cover or numbers
  • Treating surgery and doctor.
  • Patient sensitivities (e.g. certain painkillers to avoid)

And much much more.   This could be a lifesaver for disabled persons and make ambulance services so much more efficient.

Just compare what the poor disabled person has to get across to the ‘phone operator and get it absolutely right:

George Smith
Flat 6
28, Acacia Drive
01899 455 566 

Password: Elvis

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